Making the Most Out of Social Media Marketing

No business in this era should be left out of social media marketing. Of the 7.4 billion people on the planet, 1.4 billion of that population use Facebook daily. That does not include other equally popular mediums such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn,and Pinterest. These figures let you know that it’s a high time to move your attention from traditional media to internet marketing. There is still room for growth and expansion in this area.

A reason many businesses haven’t increased their marketing budget to include social media marketing and advertising is that the still find it informal. It’s not uncommon to find offices where IT has blocked access to the social sites during working hours. It is, however, this same demographic that makes online purchases, an increasingly growing trend due to its convenience.

When done right, positioning your brand on social media will attract a vast pool of potential clients. You’re able to become a brand that is both reputable and trusted. Here are two ways that you (or someone you hire to run your account) can make the most out of social media as marketing medium).

Branding consistency

Your brand is a representation of who you are. Special care ought to be paid in what you send out. Before posting, you need to ask yourself how the targeted audience would perceive it. A great way to understand your page, especially if it’s the first point of contact, is that it’s your outfit. Our clothes usually give people a first impression; it’s the same with our social media pages.

Part of having brand consistency is establishing a brand identity and brand personality and letting it guide your content and narrative. Use a combination of written and visual marketing materials to and use them consistently throughout your social media channels. Adding your logo on most of your graphics lets people know where to go to when it’s shared.

Posting consistently

How often you post, whether accurate or not, is a reflection of how you run your operations. A potential client or customer is likely to approach you if you consistently post content on your page then if you did so once in a fortnight. Here, the saying ‘consistency is key’ could not be more applicable.

That does not mean that you post a couple of times a day. Your type of business should dictate how often you should post. Some people a post a day is applicable while for others thrice a week is the right amount. Whatever your plan, stick to it. A cell phone repair Burling branch store may have more to share than a laundry mart in the same area. There are plenty of online tools you can use to plan and schedule content. These apps will then post on your behalf. You only need to check in for comments and to monitor general post activities.