How to Create a Social Media App

Today, more than 1/3 of the world’s population use different social media networks for communication and interaction, and there are lots of various apps that can be found on the Internet that have been specially designed for this purpose. While there are widely popular applications, less known but high-quality platforms are also available. Developing your own social media apps is an engaging but not very easy process that may, eventually, bring you some income if you do everything right. Below, you will find a range of our helpful recommendations on how to create a social media that you should read before starting building your app for social networking.

Social Media Application: Initial Information

It is a web-based application that allows publishing and sharing different types of information such as video, text, audio, pictures, etc. as well as creating personal profiles. Such applications allow people to connect with a community. The following are the main features of a good social media application:

Allows connecting with other social media;
Provides many customization options;
Allows arranging newsfeeds;
Provides easy-to-use features to invite friends;
Gives access to services developed by other developers;
Ensures a high level of privacy and protection.

Creating a Social Media Application: Five Stages

The following are five stages of building an effective social media app:

Thinking through your strategy;
Creating design;
Developing the app and checking its quality;
Publishing and marketing;

Everything begins with thinking through your strategy. This is when you have to define what result you want to obtain. You should determine the target audience and their needs to develop something convenient and really engaging for them.

Creating the effective design includes the following stages:

Sketching allows understanding the logic behind the future app;
Wireframing allows having a structural view of the app and evaluating the experience of users;
Prototyping means creating a working model that will give a better idea of the apps;
Designing app skin allows converting wireframes in the social app design.

Once the prototype has been created, it is the time to take care of the back-end. You will be working on setting up APIs, databases, servers, storage solutions, etc. As a result, you should obtain a product matching all technical requirements. Testing and checking are conducted on every stage of the development process.

Publishing and marketingbegin after assuring the quality of the application. It is important to pay special attention to marketing your apps in order to attract as many users as possible. You want your apps to stand out from the crowd among other options available at Google Play Marketor Apple Store.

Supporting your apps begins when the application appears on the market. It includes helping the users to find out some useful information, sorting out issues if there is something wrong, releasing updates, etc. Quality customer support is extremely important for keeping your application popular, and it has to be thought through before your social media application becomes available publicly.